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Can animal spokespersons work for your business?
16 November 2017
Can animal spokespersons work for your business?
Can animal spokespersons work for your business? Just ask Bell Environmental (BE) the NYC based pest control company who wanted to stand out from the competition. They decided to use “Man’s (and woman’s) best friend,” Dog to get the attention of a Target Market who had little interest in this product category.
Using their animal spokesperson, Roscoe, they alerted potential customers that there was a brand that could solve their bed bug problem in a compassionate but efficient way.
With the help of their direct, but creative promotional team, Bell Environmental did the impossible. They got consumers talking about bed bugs by using an animal spokesperson–Roscoe, the bed bug dog.
For the marketing oriented professional, The secret in promoting your business is to assess whether a spokesperson, whether animal or human will separate you with a benefit that resonates with your present and future customers. When you achieve that you will attain success.
Here is the advertisement that started it all.
But how do Fortune 500 companies utilize Animal Spokesmen to get through the clutter and get you to remember what these Madison Avenue icons are? Well here is the answer to the question–Can animal spokespersons work for your business? If you know the brand and buy it the answer is an overwhelming YES.

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