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Dr. Tantillo

Dr. John Tantillo works as an Independent Consultant for the New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS) and provides marketing strategy and tactics to Small Businesses—this means he knows what works today;

  • Owned and managed a small business for over thirty years—this means he understands your needs and concerns;
  • Utilizes his “Go Brand Yourself,” philosophy to help differentiate yourself from the competition—this means he gets you to focus on your customer’s needs, not what you think they need;
  • Fosters an open atmosphere where clients learn marketing basics within a cordial setting—this means you will always want to ask questions when in doubt;
  • Has hosted his own radio show BrandTalk—where large corporate brands, small companies, and personalities are discussed and what they can better do to satisfy the needs of customers
  • Guides you in defining your personal/business brand so that it will resonate to customers and prospects