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Go Brand Yourself!

Go Brand Yourself!

From the moment, you decide to identify yourself or your company with a name; you are “Branding Yourself,” whether you like it or not.  
It should be said from the “get-go “branding is more than a name.”  
Many stop there, at the name stage—a major mistake!
Branding is the “name, term, symbol, or special design that is intended to identify a product.”  
It should also be mentioned that branding has evolved and also encompasses those attributes and perceptions that are associated with the brand.  And it is this idea that will alter how you perceive personal branding from this moment on!
To be an effective brand, you must control this part of the branding formula.  These characteristics (perceptions) are referred to as “brand position,” and are an integral component of marketing yourself or your company— today and for the future.     
Position for the marketed-oriented is the unique place that the brand holds in the customer’s mind.  Dr. Tantillo assists you in developing your personal brand or position by applying the same tactics that marketing-oriented companies utilize when they “go brand” their own products and services.  By identifying their successful strategies, we will, in turn, assist you to “Go Brand Yourself!”
When you think of yourself as a brand manager, it then becomes your responsibility to control your position—those perceptions your customers have of you (or your product/company), so that they know exactly what your brand means to them within the benefits decision-making process.  
Dr. Tantillo introduces the importance today of ABB—Always Be Branding to keep up with the competition.  ABB means observing how your brand “stacks up” continually with other competitive brands within your marketplace. Dr. Tantillo constantly reminds his protégé’s—what worked before, might not work in the present because things change so quickly.
For corporate brand Fedex, their speed/reliability position may have been the best position when it was first introduced to their Target Market, a few years ago.
However, times do change, and a new position may be necessary to continue to be relevant to changing customer needs and wants.  With cost, a significant factor in the decision-making process today, perhaps customers don’t always “absolutely, positively” have to get their package delivered overnight.   

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Go Brand Yourself: The secrets of branding for personal and professional success

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