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Online Course, The Seminar

Online Course, The Seminar

Go Brand Yourself: The secrets of branding for personal and professional success

Udemy Online Course: https://www.udemy.com/go-brand-yourself/

Are you happy with your present business success or even yourself—job, career, relationships?

The “Go Brand Yourself” online course will assist you by providing the principles that Fortune 500 companies use to Go Brand Themselves.
Learn by doing Dr. Tantillo’s proprietary Brand Exercises: Brand and Target Market Discovery checklists, as well as reading his popular book, “People Buy Brands, Not Companies.”
The course consists of five, lectures which provide guidance and structure needed in becoming the happy and successful brand within your business and personal life.  
If you feel stuck either professionally or personally—Go Brand Yourself is the first step in becoming the brand you truly want to be!

What Will You Learn?

You will have a better understanding of your brand as well as appreciate that branding is a lifelong process that will need alterations from time to time to best meet the needs of your customers(friends, colleagues, and loved ones).
You will be able to better assess what your customers needs by utilizing the technique learned from taking this course. This means having a better chance of getting the job you want, succeeding in relationships which are important or achieving sales goals for your business. You will simply learn a life’s progress report.
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