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June 24th-July 28th 2020
Register for the Online Social Media Marketing Course at Touro LAS - Men: Social Media & Marketing 11743 – EBKN 207 from esteemed marketing expert Dr. John Tantillo. *Limited spots remaining!
✔️ Examine transformations of social media marketing realities for today’s savvy professional
✔️ Explore the possibilities and limitations of various social media platforms
✔️ Gain experience Using social media for marketing and personal Brand development





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    Who is
    Dr. John Tantillo

    ✔️ Dr. John Tantillo holds a Master's Degree in Experimental Psychology as well as a Doctorate in Applied Research Psychology
    ✔️ Creator of the "The O'Reilly Factor" brand name, the title of Bill O'Reilly's Television Show
    ✔️ TV/Radio Appearances include: ABC News Live, BBC Radio, Fox and Friends, Newsmax, Neil Cavuto, The Alan Comes Radio Show, Tom Sullivan Show
    ✔️ Written work has been featured in: The Washington Times,, Fox News Opinion Page, Newsmax, The Daily Caller and Talkers Magazine
    ✔️ Branding Editor for Fridge Magazine

    Reviews & Comments

    You are awesome in every sense of the word.

    You are awesome in every sense of the word. Your knowledge and passion is amazing, but your love of teaching and concern for these kids is the stuff of legends.

    College Evaluation of
    Dr. John Tantillo

    Thank you so much for everything.

    Dear Professor Tantillo,
    Thank you so much for everything. The class was great and really interesting. I was skeptical because it was online, but it was great. Thank you for your encouragement and for pushing us to do the YouTube videos. I even dislike pictures and am still shocked that I was able to do them and even enjoy them. You are an awesome professor. You are clear, available, understanding, and a leader in the field.


    Get in touch

    Give "The Marketing Doctor" a call or simply send him an email anytime you want. John is open to all suggestions from his audience.
    66-92 Selfridge Street Suite 6H Forest Hills, New York 11375