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Dr. Tantillo

Dr. John Tantillo provides CEOs with the leverage they need to promote vital change in their company’s marketing culture utilizing his second opinion model—This means avoiding group-think mistakes;

  • Has built a reputation for being unafraid to take on the “sacred cows” of the advertising and marketing establishment. This translates in generating a discussion all things are being considered;
  • Has the conviction that money is wasted and targets missed because marketing departments and outside advertising agencies are often on auto-pilot when it comes to building brands. This creates a rigorous ROI interchange to the project at hand.
  • Combines a profound understanding of the psychological factors in the marketplace with a practical, bottom-line approach that helps organizations not only streamline and catalyze their marketing but can even help them gain important insights about how their company works and why it’s marketing isn’t. This decodes the marketing tenet that it’s not about you, it rather all about the customer, often forgotten in the process.